• CLIENT Andimeshk Petrochemical Co.
  • PROJECT TYPE New Construction
  • STATUS Design Development
  • LOCATION Andimeshk, Khouzestan, Iran
  • Project Year 2013

This project was designed to create a modern and contemporary space with a traditional approach. The primary rectangular volume was formed according to the functions, required areas, layout spaces and design stand­ards. Building orientation is parallel to plot lines and is in a direction that maxi­mizes utilization of north and south sunlight for office spaces, as well as avoids East and West light. Due to the Andimeshk climate and its latitude, the best position of the building is in a way that the building perpendicular axis makes a Oto 20 degrees angle with the north-south direction. Therefore, this volume is ro­tated to be along the East-West axis to receive the lowest amount of solar energy in hot seasons. In Iranian architecture, posotive and negative spaces are of the same im­portance and light and nature are guided into the spaces with breaking in heavy volums. In the northern part of the volume, office spaces and man­agement sectors are located with the aim of better use of light, perspective and more privacy. Office building with a central courtyard is connected with the restaurant in the southern part of the complex. Thus, there have been a number of positive and negative spaces which are assigned to specific functions.

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